Where Does Elden Ring Take Place

where does Elden ring take place

Everyone thinks – where does Elden ring take place? It is in Ohio, but Elden ring’s actual location is “Lands Between.”

Many people are excited to know about the story of Elden’s ring. However, some recent story shows that the game is happening in Ohio. As you know, the Elden ring is in “Lands Between,” and its kingdom is ruled by a queen named Marika. The “Lands Between” is a very vast place.

There are also small regions and dozens of tunnels in the underground area. Marika, the queen, had two husbands, Godfrey and Radagon, during her time of rule.

These two men become Elden Lords and gain so much power through the union of Marika. As time passes, Elden’s ring Shattered into multiple runes at the time of an event called “The Night of the Black Knives.”

There is a lot more about the story of Elden ring like the previous Elden ring story is covered in mystery, and your job is to find hidden information. Moreover, items you may find and character you meet in this world are enough to learn more about where Elden ring takes place and its biggest picture.

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place?

Elden Ring is an upcoming video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Moreover, the game is set in a fictional world called the Earthen Realm. It is described as an open-world action role-playing adventure game with elements of “mythology, fantasy, and magic.”

While not much is known about the exact location of the game, it has been suggested that the game may take place in a variety of locations, including forests, mountains, and castles. More information about the world of Elden Ring will likely be revealed as the game nears its release. Despite this lack of detailed information, many fans are excited to explore this new world and see its secrets.

Size of Lands between the Map in Elden RIng Takes Place

When you enter the Lands between, it seems like the largest world on the map of Elden ring. There are huge castles and mountains around it. It is a very big area in the comparison that we have seen in the past. The Elden ring map is very big; they hide so many things away. If you want to take a tour of Lands Between, just complete the entire quest that takes you all over the areas.

Areas Found in the Lands Between Elden Ring

Here we discuss some areas you will find in “Lands Between,” Every region has its enemies and characteristics.

1.     Liurnia of the Lakes

Liurnia is a picturesque location in Elden ring. Players step forward through limgrave to Liurnia of the lakes. The Enemies of this place have magic attacks in their armory, suitable to the location’s final boss.

2.     Limgrave

Limgrave is the first area in the Elden ring and this makes it very clear that it is a FromSoftware game. It is a lush green area and has valleys, a castle, and hills in this area. From this area, the player starts the game as Tarnished. It may be a very tough area for newcomers.

3.     Calied

Calied is the most infamous area in Elden’s ring. It has a red sky, and its shade is shown in every location of Elden ring. Moreover, Calied lord’s name is Radahn. Radahn is giant, quick, and always waiting for a challenger, and he is the hardest boss in the entire Elden ring.

4.     Atlus Plateau

Atlus plateau is a mix of Calied and Liurnia. It is a mid-area that connects Liurnia and Lyndell. Atlus Plateau struck during the wars and still has many marks of the shattering. It is connected to Mt.Gelmir, which is the home to Rykard.

5.     Lyndell, Royal Capital

Lyndell is the grandest area in the Elden ring. There are lots of enemies in every corner of this area. It is very important to the lore of Elden ring.

6.     Mountaintop of the Giants

The Mountaintop of the Giant is where the Tarnished journey initiates. This area is full of corpses slain and is straightforward, and players won’t miss it linearly.

Sum Up

I hope you will get all your answers about where Elden ring takes place and all the areas you covered in this article. You already know everything, so when you travel through Elden’s ring, you will meet many other Tarnished heroes.

All of them, you are the one who becomes the Elden Lord. Complete every quest and do everything properly and correctly so you can easily become the Lord of Elden ring. It is very exciting to meet enemies when you enter the Lands Between.

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