How to Buy Arcade GTA 5 [Player Guide]

how to buy arcade gta 5

GTA is one of the most interesting games, with very good graphics and many interesting missions for players. There are so many things to do in GTA, like buying arcades in this game and making money. Now let’s talk about how to buy an arcade in GTA 5.

Buying an arcade in GTA 5 is not a big deal. All you need to do is to make strategies and rob the diamond casino because when you rob them properly, then you should be able to buy an arcade in GTA5. This game is available on PS4, PS5, and also on PC.

Some Easy Steps to Buy an Arcade in GTA 5

·         Meet Lester at Mirror Park

If you want to buy an arcade in GTA5, you first meet Lester at Mirror Park and complete all the missions. When you enter this game, Lester will send you a message to meet with him. You just focused on the missions that should be completed properly and successfully so you can earn a diamond casino.

·         Purchasing From the Maze Bank

Maze bank is the only bank in GTA 5, and this bank has all the players’ accounts, regardless of the amount or not. After meeting Lester, you can open an account in this bank. When you open an account in this bank, you will see arcades on the map, and you should buy them. This is the basics to buy an arcade in GTA 5.

Note: The new arcade will show on the map in yellow color.

Properties & Prices of an Arcade in GTA 5

There are only six arcades to purchase. Two may be located in the map’s northern area, and the remaining four are located in the southern area. You should know how to buy an arcade in GTA 5 and what are their properties and prices.

  • Wonderama is located at Grapeseed, and its cost may be 1,565,000$.
  • Videogeddon is located in La Mesa, and its cost may be 1,875,000$.
  • Pixel Pete’s is located at Paleto Bay, and its cost may be around 1,235,000$.
  • Insert Coin is located in the Rockford Hills area, costing 2,345,000$.
  • Eight Bit is located at Vinewood, and the cost may be 2,530,000$.
  • A warehouse is located in Davis, and its cost may be 2,135,000$.

Does Arcade Cost Upgrade in GTA 5

Whether the arcade costs upgrades in GTA 5 or not, the answer is yes. Their cost may upgrade from time to time. When you learn how to buy an arcade in GTA 5 and know all the properties and prices, you should also know that their cost is upgraded, and this upgradation is not free at all.  It charges a fee to upgrade the arcade in this game.

Buy Free Arcade in GTA 5

If you know how to buy an arcade in GTA5, you will think I should buy a free one in this game. Yes, you will buy a free arcade in GTA5, but it is only possible on one condition.

The free arcade in GTA 5 requires that you have an account with Twitch Prime and register in it. There is a link between your Twitch Prime and rockstar social club accounts. Using two accounts together in this game, you can get a free arcade instantly, free of charge.

Final Words

This article teaches you how to buy an arcade in GTA 5 and when you should go with Lester. You can also learn how to buy free arcades in this game. I hope this is very helpful for you when you play this game.

You just simply do to make a proper plan to become successful in GTA 5. You can also make a friend to complete your missions and upgrade or sell your property in GTA 5.

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